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Raven X is the first ever completely transparent charity token. 1% of every transaction is sent directly to the Binance Charity wallet, 2% is redistributed to holders and 2% is burned.





$ 1M milestone


Total donation to Binance Charity

* Amount in USD is calculated based on current market BNB price.


Currently most of our PancakeSwap liquidity is locked in V1. Please use it for your transactions. Do NOT use V2 as it will result in higher price of purchase. Thank you for your patience as we are trying to solve this problem. You can find helpful tips on how to purchase on V1 here


Our mission

There have been a lot of RFI type projects lately but none of them had an actual utility that would make the project useful long term. Our solution is to make a token that will not only apply a 2% burn fee and a 2% redistribution fee, but also swap 1% of tokens from every transaction to BNB and send it to the Binance charity donation wallet.

How all this works


1% Donation

1% of every transaction is donated directly to Binance Charity wallet

2% Burn

2% of every transaction is burned forever, thus increasing value of remaining tokens

2% Redistribution

2% of every transaction is redistributed between all holders proportionally to held tokens

Initial Token Distribution

Raven X have a more sensible total supply of 500M tokens. 4% will be gradually unlocked over 10 days to provide marketing funds, while 4% of the team token swill be gradually unlocked for the next 6 months.

Total supply
500 000 000 RX
250 000 000 RX
210 000 000 RX
20 000 000 RX
20 000 000 RX

Token holders

Market Cap

Tokens burned

Price per Token

RavenX(RX) contract address:

What's next on our plate

Current roadmap highlights

Achieve Credibility & Sustainability

Secure top-level audits (Certik), employ cross-platform marketing campaigns, initiate discussions with charitable organizations to enhance awareness and sustainability.
Build Philanthropic Support

Establish working relationships with Tier 1 news outlets, charitable organizations, and philanthropic influencers. Leverage the reach and influence of influencers to generate awareness of decentralized philanthropy.
Cause Expansion

Evaluate global humanitarian needs to direct donated funds towards the most impactful causes. Pursue "green" needs to donate towards sustainable energy to those in need
Blockchain Charity Symposium

Tentative plans to host non-profits and charitable organizations in New York City to bring awareness towards charitable activity over the blockchain. Focus will be the ability to enhance the quantity and frequency of current donations.
Establish Organizational Platform

Align charitable organizations to launch non-profit/charitable org/NGO ravenX platform to create large-scale philanthropic blockchain activity. Drive donations through RX to continue BCF support
Deploy Broader Organizational Causes

Leverage organizational platform to direct donations towards broad-scale global causes in unison, creating a unified effort to significantly impact end-beneficiaries
Expand ravenX Footprint

Establish physical presence on three continents: North America, Europe, and Asia. Presence will drive additional symposiums to reach a stronger global network of individual and organizational donors, thereby driving mainstream interest in blockchain charity works.
Cryptocurrency Partnerships

Pursue mainstream crypto partnerships to leverage the strength of global cryptocurrency acceptance. Forging partnerships to enhance blockchain philanthropy will aim to greatly increase the ability to overcome long-standing humanitarian issues.
2021 - Q2
2021 - Q3
2021 - Q4
2022 - Q1
2022 - Q2
2022 - Q3
2022 - Q4
2023 - Q1

striving to do the right thing

Charity projects

On our first million dollar donation, we have reached an agreement with Binance Charity to split 50% of the donations to Crypto Against COVID and the other 50% to Binance Lunch for Children.

Crypto against Covid-19

Join Binance Charity and help the world fight COVID-19.

Binance Lunch for Children

Provide healthy food for children in Africa in the long term.

More projects coming in the future, stay tuned!

What's happening in our nest

Latest news


RavenX lottery launched!

OUR LOTTERY IS NOW OPEN!!!!! 💚💚 https://lottery.ravenxapi.xyz/ 💚💚 🙀THIS WILL BE HUGE!🙀 Our Lottery is OFFICIALLY open for business and we will RANDOMLY


Certik audit completed

We’ve all been waiting patiently and us HODLers are beginning to rewarded!! 💥 CertiK audit is COMPLETE!!! 🏆 Our contract PASSED WITH FLYING

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Frequently Asked Questions

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