Updates on the 11th May 2021

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Tomorrow we will have another AMA, this time in the whiteBIT Telegram. It’s on the 12th May at 2 PM UTC!

Additionally, because of the current changes that all V1 liquidity tokens experience on pancakeswap, we will be hosting our own DEX, where users will be able to swap RX tokens. This is because pancakeswap now puts a very discouraging message about V1 not being safe and makes the person wait before they can start swapping. We would of course love to switch to V2 liquidity, but we can’t do so, because the liquidity is (too)securely locked.

Here is a preview of how the DEX will look like:

Beta version of the RavenDeX

We will also be upgrading and optimizing the NFT marketplace in the future so it will display recently minted NFTs and we will improve the loading times.

As for marketing, we are reaching out to Tier 1 Youtubers and TikTokers, we have a week long Coinhunt promo coming on Monday and we are also anxiously waiting for the Binance Charity press release about our donation. We also think that the CertiK audit coming this week should do us some good.

We have also purchased the ravenxfinance.com domain name, which we will implement in the upcoming days.

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