Buy RX Token

Currently our RX token is available to buy on three exchanges:

It’s our custom user interface for PankakeSwap V1. Your data is safely handled just as on PankakeSwap without hassle of remembering to switch to V1

One of the biggest dex on cryptocurrency market. Just remember to switch to V1 to avoid increased price. You can use our DEX to for ease of use.

Currently positioned as #78 best exchange worldwide with over 2.5B daily volume according to We are proud to have it as our first exchange.

We are working hard to provide you with more exchanges to pick from!


How to buy RX Token on DEX

Make sure you have Smart Chain BNB in your wallet

Copy contract address. Go to PancakeSwap (V1) > Trade > Exchange

Paste the contract address on the bottom panel. Then set your slippage to at least 7%

Press swap, after this add Raven-X as a custom token to your wallet and see your RX balance

RavenX(RX) contract address:

When you access PancakeSwap, you need to buy in V1 (our liquidity is locked here), but you will get a warning that it is no longer supported. Don’t worry, buying RavenX on V1 is completely safe.

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